Staying Red

Why I remain a socialist. By Norman Harding

Staying Red (pdfs)

Sadly, Norman passed away on 9 December 2013. However, this site will stay on line indefinitely in his memory and as a source of inspiration to readers.

You can click the links to open or download the chapters of Staying Red as pdf files

Dedication, Acknowledgments and Contents

Preface: What this book means to me

Chapter 1: The Hardings

Chapter 2: National Service in post-war Germany

Chapter 3: Finding my feet politically

Chapter 4: My early days in the Trotskyist movement

Chapter 5: The Socialist Labour League

Chapter 6: The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Chapter 7: Work in the tenants’ and labour movement

Chapter 8: Changing factories

Chapter 9: Loscoe and the Normanton rent strike

Chapter 10: From Executex to the British Museum

Chapter 11: Working in London

Chapter 12: The Redgraves

Chapter 13: London and Baghdad

Chapter 14: Raid on the school, September 1975

Chapter 15: Miners’ Strike

Chapter 16: Uncovering and overcoming the horror, 1984-86

Chapter 17: Australia

Chapter 18: Back to Leeds

Chapter 19: Summing up


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