Staying Red

Why I remain a socialist. By Norman Harding

New developments

Sadly, Norman passed away on 9 December 2013. However, this site will stay on line indefinitely in his memory and as a source of inspiration to readers.

This page has been added since then to record major developments in the socialist movement that would have pleased and excited Norman.

Grenfell Tower: 9 July 2017

Over many years Norman was involved in and led struggles of tenants organisations in the Leeds area. Had he still been with us I am sure that he would have become deeply engaged in the battle that is developing around the political mass murder encapsulated in the Grenfell Tower disaster of 14 June 2017 in west London. A powerful comment on the disaster has been written by his comrade Cliff Slaughter, and I am sure that Norman would have wanted it to appear here.


South Africa: 20 December 2013

Shortly after the death of Nelson Mandela (Madiba) and the week-long official ‘celebrations’ of his struggle the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), the biggest union in Africa with 338 thousand members, convened a Special National Congress from December 17 to December 20, 2013. In its tribute to Madiba the congress remembered in particular his words to the Special National Congress of Confederation of South African Trades Unions in 1993:

You must be vigilant! How many times has a labour movement supported a liberation movement, only to find itself betrayed on the day of liberation? There are many examples of this in Africa. If the ANC does not deliver the goods you must do to it what you did to the apartheid regime.

The attached Declaration from the NUMSA Congress marks what may be a decisive break from the political stranglehold and degeneration of the ANC/SACP with the call (page 7) for a United Front to coordinate struggles in the workplace and the communities. Further, it commits NUMSA to explore the establishment of a Movement for Socialism and a revolutionary programme for the working class.

Norman Harding spent his entire adult life fighting for these aims internationally. So it is a shame that he did not live to read NUMSA’s declaration. He would have been jubilant to see such an extraordinary document.

Probably one of the most significant documents of the last few decades, it needs circulating as widely and as quickly as possible

NUMSA National Congress declaration 20 December 2013


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