Staying Red

Why I remain a socialist. By Norman Harding

He who speaks with forked tongue

In June Miliband and Balls made a statement saying that the Labour Party would support the Lib/Tory government’s austerity policy.  They then went on to say that if Labour was elected to power at the next election they would continue to carry on with the Lib/Tory austerity plan.

Then on 20th Sept 13 Milliband said that he would rescind the Bedroom Tax. This is of course part of the austerity policy.  What he really means is that he will fiddle around with it.  This is just vote catching and ‘jam tomorrow’.

It is not simply a task of sending Miliband a letter asking him to please not do play fast and loose over the issue of austerity policy.  He has to be made aware that the movement that is developing against this cruel Bedroom Tax is very serious indeed.

The agency for change is quite definitely the working class. The transitional demand towards change in this situation is for those organisations administering the austerity measures, national or local, to be told loud and clear that we will not stand for any move to evict tenants who fall into debt because of the attacks on our very standard of life. Our means of living as human beings are not just a mark on a balance sheet.

We will have to be prepared to give support to those who find themselves under threat of eviction by taking action to stop such threats. This should be our answer to Miliband’s empty promises.

In the last couple of months we have had to read sometimes lengthy disagreements on who said what, when and why in the early 20th century. These were on a very important part of our history. But in my opinion, no-one has mentioned what the aim of that discussion was about. It did not mention the present situation, whose most disgusting feature is the Bedroom Tax. To give our discussions a ring for today they need to consider current developments and where they might lead.


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