Staying Red

Why I remain a socialist. By Norman Harding

Food for Thought: the Death of Maggie Thatcher

The layers in our society who are giving their full support to those who pray at the shrine of Maggie Thatcher are:

The Queen and Royal Family
The aristocracy
The House of Commons – including Labour
The House of Lords
Leaders of the financial system
The City of London
The Bank of England
Leaders of the Military
Leaders of the Police
The Media

This all adds up to the state machine that is there to defend capital in its drive for profit, no matter who or what it destroys in doing this.

Those who cannot bring themselves to oppose worship of Thatcherism trot out many lame excuses.

  • She rose from being a grocer’s daughter to the dizzy heights of becoming the PM.

Adolf Hitler rose from being a mere corporal in the German army of 1914-18 to lead the Nazi movement. Hitler too had thousands of supporters in Britain amongst the disillusioned working class, but mainly amongst the newspaper moguls, aristocracy and sections of the monarchy, including Edward VIII.

  • She won three consecutive elections

So too did Harold Wilson and Tony Blair

  • She introduced the right for tenants to buy council houses at give away prices

Yet this soon led to many young couples falling behind with mortgage payments as interest rates rocketed to end up losing their homes. Like a flock of vultures, property speculators were quick to take possession of the homes and then rent them out in the same way as the notorious Peter Rachman of the 1950s and 60s. Many thousands of former council homes have been  lost to the grubby housing racketeers. Because the properties were never replaced by affordable rental housing led to the present housing crisis in which landlords can drive up rents at will. Oh yes, this was a case of Thatcher the Snatcher, first schoolkids’ free milk then affordable housing

  • The miners’ strike of 1984 –85

Thatcher put members of the armed forces into police uniforms to bolster up the police who early on were made up of local police who probably met and even sympathised with miners in the local pubs before the strike. This weakness was soon spotted and police were bussed in from other counties and paid overtime rates for their thuggery.

At the Battle of Orgreave the police horseback charge consisted of non-local police plus the army in police uniform. The BBC were instructed to fiddle the police film coverage of the charge so that the News showed the miners charging the state forces followed by the horseback police charge – the reverse of the actual events. No prizes for anyone who says it was Thatcher who gave the instruction for doctoring that film

She had a paranoid hatred of the working class, especially when they started to stand up for their rights. And that paranoia and hatred was not only aimed at the miners it was for anyone who opposed her policies. She set out to destroy the organised working class and leave individuals to take on the State and big business alone.

Her fascination with US President Reagan can only be described as a depraved ideological love affair. She supported his arming what became Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and allowed British air bases to be used in the US bombing of Libyan civilians.

Among the most revealing of her political activities was to befriend Pinochet the ex-dictator of Chile, inviting him to Britain as “a guest of the government and the British people” when he was driven from power in 1990. Here he lived in luxury, although under house arrest, during his appeal against extradition to Chile where he was wanted for the massacre of thousands of political opponents. Even the children of those he slaughtered were hounded any who took them in would be immediately arrested or worse, except for those unfortunate enough to have been given to childless members of the Pinochet fascist state.

After she herself had been driven from power by Tory grandees Thatcher continued parading around with a fascist, a supporter of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler.

Then there are those who mistakenly thought she would fight for women’s rights who were quickly surprised to find that she was a very militant anti-feminist.

With the monarchy’s support for and attendance at Thatcher’s state funeral, the idea that monarchy is independent of politics and has no political allegiance has now been blown out of the water along with its cover as an integral part of the state.

There will be those out there who support the monarchy and at the same time support people like the miners and others in struggle. This outbreak of state-sponsored Thatcher worship will hopefully start to encourage people to think and read, and for preconceived ideas to start to change.

The fact that the monarchist slip is showing, points to their need to line-up with Thatcherite thinkers to defend their fortunes and way of life, and the capitalist system on which they depend.


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